Another Global Masterclass Success


Another Global Masterclass Success

Another Global Masterclass Success

By: | November 08, 2018

Sealite and Distributor of the Year Mo Darwish from North West Marine LLC joined forces to host the first ever Sealite Masterclass in Dubai, UAE 24-26 November. Delegates from Nigeria, Mozambique, Belgium, UAE, Egypt Bahrain and Oman spent 3 days learning aids to navigation best practices and seeing the innovative range of products up close and personal.

AtoN challenges and needs were a hot topic amonst the delegates, with many solving a lot of their problems through engaging with Sealite staff and their peers. A fun social calendar was also evident with a cruise along the Dubai Marina to check out the beautiful surroundings and see the local Sealite navigation aids installed.

Highlights include running the high intensity, low powered Range Light and Port Entry Light for the full affect pilots see upon entering a channel, getting hands on with all of the products on display and learning the full benefits of our innovative online tools including the solar calculator, mooring calculator and the Sealite Pro App for monitoring and control of your lantern at the touch of a button via your phone or tablet.

Special thanks to North West Marine for their hard work and dedication to host this event in conjunction with the Sealite Team.

Another Global Masterclass SuccessAnother Global Masterclass Success

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